Unleashed Music & Event Planning DJ’s are knowledgeable in ALL decades and genres of music. With over 600,000 songs in our music library we will arrange for you a custom playlist suitable for your specific needs.

With our detail-oriented practice, Unleashed Music & Event Planning will be there to assist in organizing timelines and supervising the finest components of your occasion.

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We have extensive experience in fundraising functions, and can consult for specific needs or manage the entire project. Unleashed Music & Event Planning will help you create an event that will maximize your efforts.

Unleashed Music & Event Planning emcees will customize the experience with the proper appearance, content and tone. We have a strong understanding of how to communicate with relevance and engage the crowd.

With over 413,000 Karaoke songs available, Unleashed Music & Event Planning is available for bars & restaurants, fundraisers, private parties & home parties.

Our Trivia hosts at Unleashed Music & Event Planning brings customized trivia fun to wherever you are. From pop culture, music, history, and sports to the completely indefinable, we feature the finest in trivia games in the business. We host nightly trivia events as well as fundraisers!

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